Selling To New Foundations Realty vs. Listing With A Local Agent

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From offer to close with cash in your hand in as little as 7 days!


Avoid paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, and mortgage payments. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close… You have to consider all of the costs of holding the property during the time that it is listed.


Don’t worry about fixing anything up

We don’t care how messy your house is (we’ve seen worse) or how many repairs are needed (a complete fixer? Great! We love projects)... We'd like to make an offer on your house. This saves you time and money that you can keep in your pocket.


Don’t worry about paying those pesky closing fees

Because we are a full-service professional home buyer here in MA, we make it easy for you. We pay for all of the closing costs. What we offer you is what you get (minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances the property).


When you add up the time you could save by working with New Foundations Realty Group, the no-hassle experience, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs while you wait to sell the traditional route. For many homeowners selling to a real estate group is the most viable option.



Is it for you?